Project Process

The Art of Interior Design requires the delicate balance of crafting an interior space to function well, speak visually to the home or business owner’s style, taste, and lifestyle; consider the opportunity that existing architecture provides; be sensitive to budget; and manage the process of easing all of the varied elements into a cohesive whole.

Initial Consultation

We will meet with you to define the scope of work and identify design opportunities.

Your Style

We will provide you with a short take home exercise that clarifies your style. This will provide a springboard for your unique design.

Measurement and Drawing

To ensure proper scaling of selected items and provide a visual reference, we will measure and draw into AutoCAD the spaces that you wish to receive design attention.

Schematic Design

We will put together an initial selection of materials, finishes, furniture, and design concepts to present to you. Depending on the space and your needs, we may bring a collection of loose materials or a graphic presentation to gather your feedback.

Design Development

Based on your feedback, we will refine the above selections for presentation to you.

Project Administration

Depending on your needs and the scope of work, we can be as involved, or as uninvolved with purchasing and managing trades people as you wish, or is necessary to achieve the finished design. We have contacts to assist with all aspects of the design implementation. 

Final Staging

Once the work is completed, should you wish, we will do a final placement of art, accessories, etc. to complete the design.
Each interior space is as unique as the people who inhabit the space.  Therefore, we work with every home or business owner differently to achieve their ideal end result. Sometimes the design process is very quick and casual with a great deal of collaboration between our team and the home or business owner. This may involve a casual sharing of web links to determine specific furnishings, layouts, etc. With other people the design process is more formalized and detailed and may involve fewer but carefully curated selections to determine design direction and move the process along.  We will work with you to determine how we may best work together.

In any case, the result is the same…

A harmonious, personalized environment that is a reflection of the home or business owner’s style, and an enhancement of the environment.