Nurture by Design is a unique design studio that marries our decade of experience as interior designers with the needs of families of children with special needs.  We combine the best design with the latest research to positively impact the lives of children and families in their home environment.

We understand that every child is different so no two solutions are the same.

Our Process


We meet with you in your home to assess the opportunities for supportive design that exist. We gather input about your lifestyle and insights into how your children interact with your home environment. Based on this discussion, we seek to understand how your child experiences the world, how they respond to sights, sounds and textures. In many cases, we may partner with your designated therapeutic professional to gain additional insight. 


We will then develop a cohesive design plan considering both your own and your child’s needs with special attention given to the impact of the design on the entire family.


You may decide to implement our recommendations on your own, but often families want our support every step of the way. We can coordinate trades people, process orders, and truly complete your cohesive design plan for you. Our local contacts of skilled tradespeople make the process easy and enjoyable!

Areas of Specific Focus

Our goal is to create an optimal sensory environment for your child to minimize anxiety and emotional distress and enable him or her to thrive. We will work with any space, but recognize that thoughtful supportive design for certain areas of the home can have a tremendous positive impact.  

Specializing in Creating Supportive Environments for Children with:

  • Autism Spectrum Characteristics
  • Sensory Processing Challenges (Sensory Integration)
  • Social Development and Learning Issues

We will design customized:

  • Organized Activity Zones to promote transitions
  • Frustration-free Study Spaces
  • Color-Coded Environments with visual cues to help with self-regulation and processing
  • Areas that inspire Creativity, interactive & active Play
  • Spaces sensitive to colors and fabrics that work with your child’s Sensory Needs


Please call 773-490-6164 to speak with us about your home and how we may support you. 

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